Friday, 26 December 2014

Stop.. Hobby Time: WIP Imperial Knight.

Hey all, I currently am still away so i am unable to hobby. I have however found on my phone some pictures of my imperial knight, i apologize for the picture quality, but I'm sure you will get the idea.  In this post I'm going to talk what i used to get to the stage I'm at, as well as my logic behind it. Also i'll be giving a little tutorial on the base. When i start finishing the knight ill be doing a tutorial. When i get my second knight i'll be doing a tutorial of the assembly as well.

The knight kit is what you've all come to expect from GW. Absolutely a gorgeous kit that despite being tricky in some parts, fit together very well. I painted this model in sub assemblies. Basically without taking away from the tutorial i will do on assembly; the legs, leg plates, body, top plating, arms, shoulder pads, head, and face plate were all separate and painted separately. So far i've had a blast painting this model and i cannot wait to finish it and get it running along side my wolves.

The paint's i used for this are:

    - Forumla P3 Pig Iron, Solid Gold, Molten Bronze, Battlefield Brown
    - Citadel Eshin Grey, Abaddon Black, Runefang Steel, Dawnstone, Praxteli White Dry
      Dry Compound, Baneblade Brown, Rakarth Flesh,
    - Army Painter Dark Tone Ink and Strong Tone Ink
    - Forumla P3 Armour Wash

Today i won't be going into a tutorial, we'll save that for when I'm working on the knight again. The only thing i will discuss right now is the base and how i did it other then that i'm going to just give a brief over view of what i did to get to the result that i am at. I wanted a very "Grim-Dark" look for my knight, because nothing in the 41st millennium is new and shiny.
I'm not the best painter in the world, but i feel i can get a visually appealing table-top standard; and i enjoy doing so. Whats the point of painting if you don't like it right?

I hope you enjoy!

So the base was super easy. All it involved was some cheap thin cork that you can get in 2 foot packages at the local dollar store, some GOLDEN Coarse Pumice Gel (that you can get for like 15-20 dollars from your local michaels), Citadel Eshin Grey, Citadel Dawnstone and Citadel Praxteli White Dry Compound.

I started by randomly ripping up pieces of cork, some larger then others(to act as the first level). I then glued them together and on the base to form step like structures. I then primed the base black. If you prime before putting the Pumice Gel on then it saves you repainting the base. After it was primed mixed the coarse pumice gel with some Eshin Grey. When you mix a bit of paint with it; the gel very quickly assumes the colour entirely. I used a small plastic chisel shaped tool to then spread the paste around the base. Once that was done and i had nice even coverage i let it dry for the day(it dries quicker, but i wanted to ensure it as dry so the next step would not ruin it). Once it was all dry it was nice and dark. I then gave a nice healthy dry brushing of Dawnstone, followed by a lighter dry brush of Praxteli White. Voila, that is how the base was done. It was quick, simple and gave me the look i was really pleased with. The Gel for basing is awesome, it lends extremely well to dry brushing. 

Here for your viewing pleasure, the rest of my Knight. 

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments in the comments below. I hope you all enjoyed, thanks for reading.