Wednesday, 31 December 2014

SHOWCASE: Some Thunderwolf Love!

 So as promised; here are the shots of the completed cavalry from todays tutorials. Hope you enjoy!

Stop.. Hobby Time: How I paint Thunder Wolf Cavalry Pt.2 (With 100% more rider!)

As promised, I have the second part of my write up on how I paint Thunderwolf Cavalry. This write up is lucky enough to feature 100% more Thunderwolf Cavalry rider. This was fun to do, very simple and actually a labor of love because I do have fluff in mind for my army when I build and paint them. More on this in the write up; so let's bash on shall we?

Stop.. Hobby Time: How I paint Thunder Wolf Cavalry Pt.1

Today I got something special for all of you. As you recall from the last post; I dropped my Thunderwolves off with my buddy Evan to be primed and base coated with his airbrush. In record time he completed it and I also picked them up yesterday. So today I have the first part of what should be a 2 to 3 part tutorial on how I paint up my cavalry.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

SHOWCASE: Leman Russ Punisher

Hey Guys and Gals,
Today I finished my Leman Russ Punisher. Here are the pictures of the completed work. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I don't doubt that its not showcase quality; but it didn't take me to long and I will be more then proud to throw this down on the table(not literally though).

Stop.. Hobby Time: Space Wolves in Preparation for the Barrie Bash

Hey Everyone,
So in preparation for the Barrie Bash; hosted at Sir Games A Lot and being set up by our very own Ridvan(Skari of Skaredcast); I have started to work on my Thunderwolf Cavalry.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Stop.. Hobby Time: And I've Hit a Speed Bump

Hey all,

So today i went to work on my knight and snap some photo's to do a write up; then i hit a speed bump.

Saturday, 27 December 2014


Hey everyone.  I finally am able to start getting back to hobbying ( tutorials as i finish the knight and how I do my Leman Russ' for my allied detachment coming hopefully this week!). So i snapped some photos of a model that I painted up a year ago for Warmachine. I hope you like it. Accompanying the pictures I will give a brief description of how I accomplished certain parts. Thanks again, Hope you Enjoy!

My thoughts on the new Space Wolves: HQ's: Wolf Guard Battle Leader


As we bash on through my ramblings on the new codex; we come across the Wolf Guard Battle Leader. This is another HQ character that i have a lot of love for. What is not to love about the Battle Leader. He's essentially a Wolf Lords little brother; and any of you that have read my review of the Wolf Lord know my feelings on them. Once again, it's another character that gives you freedom of customisation, conversion and flavour. The icing on the cake is you lose little from a wolf lord stat wise, but you do lose a lot when it comes to points cost So lets dive in shall we?

Friday, 26 December 2014

Stop.. Hobby Time: WIP Imperial Knight.

Hey all, I currently am still away so i am unable to hobby. I have however found on my phone some pictures of my imperial knight, i apologize for the picture quality, but I'm sure you will get the idea.  In this post I'm going to talk what i used to get to the stage I'm at, as well as my logic behind it. Also i'll be giving a little tutorial on the base. When i start finishing the knight ill be doing a tutorial. When i get my second knight i'll be doing a tutorial of the assembly as well.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

My thoughts on the new Space Wolves: HQ's: The Wolf Lord


Now we have the generic, run of the mill Wolf Lord. My interpretation of his role is to mirror that of the Chapter master. This dude can fill any role you want, in my eyes he is the gem in this codex. The Wolf Lord has SO many options. This HQ choice is also amazing in the sense that it has SO much hobbying potential. Space wolves models may generally all look similar or the same; but when it comes to the wolf lord, he is what you want him to be and can look however you want him to look. I have a ton of love for this guy, and have never played a game without him. But if your not careful, he can get expensive SUPER quick. He does start at 105 points, so when you see the options, you'll see how easy it could be to get carried away with him.  Strap in lads and lasses because this will be a long one.

My thoughts on the new Space Wolves: HQ's: Harald Deathwolf


While i have not played with him yet(waiting to get the model, i don't like to proxy), i have a lot of love for this here dude because he's on a thunder wolf!!!

Harald is in my opinion, an awesome lord. While i have not ran Harald Specifically, i do have a Wolf Lord on a thunder wolf in every list i play; . For 190 points you receive a very fairly points costed thunder wolf lord with some little extras. Some you will not care about, but some give you some serious options for new tactics and strategies.

My thoughts on the new Space Wolves : HQ's: Ragnar Blackmane

So since i'm no where near my hobby table for a couple days, i figured i would start doing my thoughts on the new space wolves codex now that it has been out for a couple months and i've had some time to play around with it and find what i enjoy. Its also always refreshing to see what other people think about models based on the fact that everyone has different views.

There isn't going to be any order to this so i apologize, I'm starting simply with what i have looked into and theory hammered with.

First up!

So ill start by saying i have never used Ragnar Blackmane in a game, but i've wanted to for quite some time. I won't field him though until i have converted a model for him; this being due to me not being a fan of the 80's rocker look that his current model has going for it. I still think he should have been redone when the new releases drop, we can always hope though.

So lets start the review shall we.

Welcome to my Hobby Blog

Howdy to all,

I'd like to start by prefacing what my hopes and goals with this blog are. Too often hobbyists , especially ones in the Warhammer 40k community, can get some serious faction/model ADD whenever a new shiny toy comes out.  My hope is that with this blog, i will be able to not only start putting a dent into starting to complete my sea of bare plastic, but also post up how i got to the complete stage. I am by no means a great painter or hobbyist; i would consider myself average(hence the name of the blog).  I can in a reasonable amount of time get to a table top standard that still looks good up close.

One thing i'd also like to do with this blog is share my honest reviews of models that i pick up, the clean up, assembly of those models and issues that someone who has never opened that kit before may experience and the easy solution to sort out said problems(in order to save you time by learning from my mistakes).

My last goal with this blog is a bit of a two-parter. I would like to share tactics, review new books, and my thoughts on them. Take this with a grain of salt also, I'm by no means a WAAC player. I enjoy playing, i enjoy rolling a lot of dice, and i enjoy the fluff; but that doesn't mean i don't enjoy winning, it just means that i try to find the best list possible for my faction, and not play a faction that i don't like the aesthetic, fluff or feel of because it wins.  The second part of the last goal is to motivate you, the community into any aspect of hobbying or playing.

Thank you to those who took the time to read this, and after the holiday season I'm going to start posting up. The first couple posts will be with models mostly complete, but don't fret, my plan is to start everything from opening the box to completing the paint job.