Monday, 29 December 2014

Stop.. Hobby Time: And I've Hit a Speed Bump

Hey all,

So today i went to work on my knight and snap some photo's to do a write up; then i hit a speed bump.

I apparently had a lot less of the AP Dark Tone ink that i use on the Knight. By a lot less, I mean that i'm out. So that put a huge damper in my hobbying mood and kind of derailed me a bit. Never fear though, i looked to my left and saw that I had a Leman Russ Punisher that i was working on before christmas in need of some work.

Never fear though; I currently am ordering some more Dark tone so that i can continue my knight and finish it up.

I've decided though instead of having a lull of content i could do a brief write up about my Leman Russ currently, and then when i work on the others do more of a tutorial based write up for them. I'm not giving up on my wolves, these are are for the allied detachment I want to take alongside them for some serious pew-pew support.

So like the last write up, ill post pictures, and then a summary of the effects achieved alongside the pictures.

 Tank itself: So for this , i was a little intimidated because to be honest, I have to paint a bunch of these so i didn't want to sit there base coating with a brush layer after layer. This would make me have a nice clean coat, but then I'd just weather it and make it look all dirty, and to me it seemed that would just be unproductive. So i decided to take it another route. I primed the whole model black with GW's Chaos Black spray primer. I then started with a dry brushing (with my large GW dry brush) of Eshin Grey. I did this a tiny bit heavier then a normal dry
brush. I didn't stick to the standard "choose up
and down or left and right" pattern to the brushing. I simply went up,down,left,right and in

circular patterns to get a nice even coverage. Once I was satisfied of the task I was working on; I watered down roughly a 2-1 wash to water of AP Strong Tone. This wash is a dark brown which is much darker then GW's Earthshade wash. My goal with this was to not only darken it, but give it a more weathered look. Once this was dry, I dry brushed Eshin Grey lightly over the raised features and then did a light dry brush of Dawnstone. I'm sure there would be easier ways to get to this point, but this way is very fun for me and i enjoyed it a lot. The tracks were simply P3's Pig Iron(Leadbelcher) with a Nuln Oil Wash.

Muddy Tracks: Very easy, Very Fun. I simply slopped a bunch of the GW texture paint Stirland Mud; making sure to get the textured bits all over for the next part, all over the tracks and where it would be if the tank was driving and ripping up earth. I then washed with Agarax Earthshade. Once this was dry i did a light dry brush on the textured bits of Terminatus Stone Dry Compound.

Paint Chipping: Once again , Very Easy, Very Fun. I ripped a piece of foam(sponge works). I then put some Runefang Steel on it, wiped it off and gently pressed it around the tracks sporadically.

Corrosion Effect: I simply used the new technical paint Typhus Corrosion by Game's Workshop. I applied it sparingly and put little streaks, and pooled it where i thought corrosion would have pooled.

All in all, I'm very happy with how it has turned out. I hope you all enjoyed this look in to how i weather. If it helps any of you in the future, I'm happy.

Once again, thanks for reading and happy painting.


  1. I like this. Looking forward to seeing the complete model. I'm doing the same for my blood Angels.

  2. Thanks Raymond, soon enough I'll have it completed