Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Stop.. Hobby Time: How I paint Thunder Wolf Cavalry Pt.1

Today I got something special for all of you. As you recall from the last post; I dropped my Thunderwolves off with my buddy Evan to be primed and base coated with his airbrush. In record time he completed it and I also picked them up yesterday. So today I have the first part of what should be a 2 to 3 part tutorial on how I paint up my cavalry.

To start, the paints I used are as follows: 
- Eshin Grey
- Dawnstone
- P3 Pig Iron and Umbral Umber( Leadbelcher and a dark brown would give the same effect)
- Baneblade Brown
- Nuln Oil wash

 Step 1:
I started by giving an all over dry brush of Dawnstone to all of the wolves as my initial highlight. It was really easy as the fur takes to dry brushing very easily and gives a very nice result.
Step 2: 
I went through and picked out all of the metals with P3 Pig Iron. I didn't bother with doing any of the buckles on the saddles. My reasoning was so that when i do the straps and saddles, I didn't want to have to go back over and over touching up silver on brown and vice versa. I then after went through and touched up any areas that I over brushed silver on with Eshin Grey to tidy everything up. 

Step 3: 
The saddles and associated straps were then coated with P3 Umbral Umber. It was very quick and easy. I then did the little buckles with Pig Iron. After this step was complete, I once again used Eshin Grey to tidy up any spots where the brown got over brushed. 

I also painted all there teeth and nails Baneblade Brown

 Step 4:
The best step. I gave them a nice healthy coat of Nuln Oil. I made sure to cover everything. If you go a bit heavy its not a big deal.

Here's a shot of a partially dried wolf so you can see where we are at so far. 

Later tonight ill be doing the final highlights and hopefully starting the riders. Thanks for giving this a read and I hope this helps. This is a very time efficient and fun way to get a nice looking wolf that I'm happy to put on the table. So stay tuned for the next part later tonight.

As always, Happy Painting. 

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