Thursday, 25 December 2014

My thoughts on the new Space Wolves : HQ's: Ragnar Blackmane

So since i'm no where near my hobby table for a couple days, i figured i would start doing my thoughts on the new space wolves codex now that it has been out for a couple months and i've had some time to play around with it and find what i enjoy. Its also always refreshing to see what other people think about models based on the fact that everyone has different views.

There isn't going to be any order to this so i apologize, I'm starting simply with what i have looked into and theory hammered with.

First up!

So ill start by saying i have never used Ragnar Blackmane in a game, but i've wanted to for quite some time. I won't field him though until i have converted a model for him; this being due to me not being a fan of the 80's rocker look that his current model has going for it. I still think he should have been redone when the new releases drop, we can always hope though.

So lets start the review shall we.


Despite being power armoured , Ragnar's stats far exceed his power armoured brethren. His weapon skill means he will be hitting pretty much EVERYTHING on a 3+ in close combat, which is where he should be. If he has to, he also can hit whatever he shoots at on a 2+, but i wouldn't go counting to take stuff off the table with a bolt pistol. He shares the same strength and toughness as a standard space marine but sports 3 wounds, 4 attacks base and a nice initiative of 5. His leadership also is very nice; especially if your running him with a unit of blood claws so that they can roll off that and are less likely to flee.

All in all, i like his stats, he's 195 pts, but to me he feels fair for what he costs.

Now on to the nitty-gritty,


He sports all of the usual space marine war gear except for his Belt of Russ and his signature chainsword " Frostfang". Frostfang is nice due to the +1 str, ap3,  rending, and master crafted. The Belt of Russ is also a nice addition, giving him a 4+ invul which comes in handy when he is in a challenge and theres characters that can down right insta-kill him.


This is where i feel that Ragnar really begins to shine, He has the army wide special rule: acute senses, followed with ATSKNF, Counter Attack, and Rage (who doesn't love the rage bonus). But Ragnar also sports some special rules exclusive to him such as Incredible Reflexes, Insane Bravado, and War Howl.  Incredible reflexes really helps when combined with the Belt of Russ due to the effects of Insane Bravado. IR allows Ragnar to re roll one failed saving throw during the assault phase. This can come in handy if he fails his invul in a challenge, or even if he's leading the charge and you don't make your LOS if he gets hit by their overwatch. Insane Bravado feeds into the fluff of the Space Wolves (which I'm all for) by making Ragnar always issue and accept challenges. The next rule is the reason why i would love to throw him in a unit of 15 blood claws with a stormwolf(due to the assault ramp); War Howl, giving his unit furious charge. If you can pull off that disembark/charge there would be a serious amount of hurt on anything they touch(quantity over quality to force some failed rolls). Ragnar last but not least comes with a stock Saga, which i feel is very fitting for him. It allows him to re roll all hits in a challenge.

So as you can see, Ragnar can pack some serious punch, and in a challenge he is a beast. Is he the most competitive choice in the codex; No. Would he be fun to play though and have the potential of some serious damage? Heck yes.


If its not obvious by now, ill reiterate. In a unit of blood claws in a stormfang feels to me like the only way to run him, he won't make it across the table if he foot slogs, his vehicle will get popped to avoid him making it, and hell become fire priority in a drop pod when he lands. The stormfang comes in flying, drops to a hover the following turn and out comes Ragnar.

Thanks for reading!

Next up: Harald Deathwolf.

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