Saturday, 27 December 2014


Hey everyone.  I finally am able to start getting back to hobbying ( tutorials as i finish the knight and how I do my Leman Russ' for my allied detachment coming hopefully this week!). So i snapped some photos of a model that I painted up a year ago for Warmachine. I hope you like it. Accompanying the pictures I will give a brief description of how I accomplished certain parts. Thanks again, Hope you Enjoy!

So this model was fairly easy to complete and very enjoyable. I know the privateer model aesthetic doesn't tickle everyones fancy; but I am a fan of most of their sculpts that come in their white metal. I'm however not to keen on their plastics. People say they've improved a ton, but it's been a long while since I've purchased a plastic kit of theirs. So without further adieu, Enjoy!

Skin: Very simple, started with a darker pale purple. This was followed by a purple wash and a highlight of the base colour. I then took it a bit higher with a lighter greyish purple. I believe slaneesh purple is the paint. I then used the purple wash again but in a glaze form. Slowly and lightly glazed the skin until it all tied into each other.

Leather: Just a dark brown(P3 Battlefield Brown) with a Agarax Earthshade wash. Once that was dried; with thinned down paint, I slowly highlighted it up with a 50/50 mix of the base colour and P3 Kommando Khaki. At that point it was bright enough for me.

Silvers: Base of Leadbelcher and then a black wash. After the black wash I did a tiny highlight of Leadbelcher and an even smaller highlight of Iron Breaker.

Golds: Base of P3 Blighted Gold(its essentially a gold/black hybrid) followed by a light black wash. It was then highlighted with a mix of Blighted Gold and Ironbreaker. I eyeballed this probably a 70/30 to 60/40 mix. Its bright enough to noticeably be a highlight, but not to bright as to look silver.

Cloak: By far my favourite part to paint(unfortunately i do not remember the colours i used at all. I believe the lighter colour was Deathworld Forest). I love to paint cloaks. I did a darker olive colour followed by a layer highlight of a lighter olive. I then used that lighter olive colour in a very soft dry brush. The reason I did this is a 2 parter. Firstly, it gives a feathered/pseudo-feathered look and softens the transition of the colour. Secondly, cloaks are always a fibrous material and the look that dry brushing the transition gives simulates that of a fibrous material.

Is this going to win any awards or a Golden Demon any time soon? No. Is it a realistic goal/standard that I'm very happy with? Heck yes. I appreciate all that take a look at this. My goal was to give you guys a look at the kind of work I can do.  Thanks for reading and happy hobbying!

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