Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Stop.. Hobby Time: Space Wolves in Preparation for the Barrie Bash

Hey Everyone,
So in preparation for the Barrie Bash; hosted at Sir Games A Lot and being set up by our very own Ridvan(Skari of Skaredcast); I have started to work on my Thunderwolf Cavalry.

My goal is to have my entire list painted up for this tournament(in february). The list i will be running is a Champions of Fenris/ Astra Militarum list. At this point, I have not play tested the list, but I will be in the coming weeks once I finish writing it up. I still have to figure out some combinations I want to run and how I want the list to behave.

As you can see from the picture above, there are
A LOT of thunderwolves that will be required to be painted. Luckily, I have great friends and one of which is my buddy Evan who has primed and airbrushed them the base colour I use (Eshin Grey) to help me speed this process up. As you'll see below, I am posting up pictures of a thunderwolf I completed in the past so you can see the colour scheme I have decided on.  I will also be posting up a showcase shot of my Leman Russ Punisher that I completed today.

If you have a minute don't hesitate to head on over to Ridvan's blog. He does some seriously awesome tactica's and some wicked high quality battle reports!
Skaredcast: http://skaredcast.blogspot.ca

Hope you Enjoy!

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