Thursday, 1 January 2015

My thoughts on the new Space Wolves: HQ's: The Wolf Priest

Today I decided to ring in the new year with a tactics write up on the good ol' Wolf Priest. The Wolf Priest is a character who can being a lot of diversity to your army and has a couple roles I feel are best suited for him. This won't be a write up as long as the others as I have only used a Wolf Priest in one role(which i enjoyed) but I do know of some other uses for him that have worked out quite well for others. So on to the write up!

The wolf priest shares the same stat line as a Grey Hunter Wolf Guard Pack Leader with a couple differences. He has an additional weapon skill, wound, leadership and attack.

The wolf priest as an abundance of war gear, and some of it is very useful. He comes with power armour, grenades, bolt pistol, you know.. the good ol' generic stuff. What is unique to him that sets him apart from the pack is his Crozius, Wolf Amulet and Healing Balms. So he's rocking a cool str +2 , ap 4 weapon thats concussive and hits at initiative(sweet!), gives a unit he's with a 6+ FNP(double sweet!), and gives himself a 4+ FNP(triple sweet!). So as you can see, this guy brings some diversity to the table whether on foot or on a bike. He however is 110 points; so the most I would recommend upgrading him with is a bike so you can put him in a Thunderwolf Squad. The Wolf Priest however though if you wanted to, can be upgraded with any Ranged Weapons, Special Issue wargear and/or Relics of the Fang.


He comes stock with the generic Acute Senses and Counter Attack. He does however have two things that are different. He has Fearless and a rule called the Oath of War. The Oath allows him to nominate one unit type(i.e. infantry) at the beginning of the game; this then gives him and his unit preferred enemy against that type.


Unlike the named version of him (on steroids) Ulrik, your not forced to choose a specific warlord trait, so you can roll for it which is nice. This gives you a bunch of versatility.


I would run him one of three ways :

On a Bike :
- This allows him to be with cavalry. Choose a unit type that your opponent has a bunch of, and send the squad he is in after it. Re-rolls of ones can come in handy.

In a Stormwolf:
- I'd run him with a full unit of Blood Claws(15) in this flyer; once again choosing a unit type of something you want to deal with. When they charge out there will be a huge volume of attacks, and with those attacks statistically a bunch of d6 rolls of 1. Re rolling those will come in handy.

With Long Fangs:
- This is pretty self explanatory. Throw him in a unit of Plasma Cannon Long Fangs so they can re-roll their gets hot roll.

Like I said, this was going to be a shorter write up. I hope you enjoyed the read. My goal was to give you a different way of seeing this character by showing you how I see him. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for coming!

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