Sunday 11 January 2015

Stop... Hobby Time: I'm Back!

Hey all,
Sorry for the week and a half- two week absence. I've just gotten off holidays and kind of getting back in the swing of real life. So between that and painting up my Wolves for February, I unfortunately through this blog on the back burner. Never fear though, I am back.

So as a side project I have started doing up a small Night Lords force. I have always loved their fluff and they are by far my favourite chaos Legion. I started this project with the idea of doing as much possible kit bashing as possible. I have kits from forge world, ebay and GW coming in order to make this project great. I just wanted to give you all an update by showing you my test model(as this week I will have more posts). So here you all go!

I will be switching a couple things up for the rest of the force. I do dig the dark look though, as it envisions what I see Night Lords as.

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